Saturday, August 13, 2005

My School Teacher

This relates to my experience, I had at the age of 14
when I was
studying at Sherwood Nainital, in India. My English
teacher Kavita
Sharma was an attractive woman of 27 or 28, with a
nice build. A
typical Indian female yet with that convent accent. I
was an average
student, so she decided to give me extra classes. The
Bitch got kicks
in punishing, humiliating students.

Once I was asked to stay back in the class, she gave
me an exercise
in English to do. The hands of the large clock on the
wall slowly
moved to indicate four thirty others had gone to the
Field for play.
I was bent down over my books, my face still red with
at the sharp rebuke I had just received from her She
had made sure
that I could not keep his mind on my work

"Right Atul, bring your book over here and let me see
how well you
have got on." Her voice sounded light and cheerful.
She watched as I
stood up clumsily and lifted the foolscap exercise
book from the
desktop. She was well aware of the discomfort she
caused each time
she looked directly into my eyes.

She looked at me "Give me your book, beta." Her voice
was almost a
purr. She took the writing book from my trembling
finger. Looking
down she could hardly be bothered to read the words I
had written,
her mind was already on the course of events to
follow. She flipped
the page back and fourth, checking what she already
knew, that I had
only managed to write one and a half pages.

"It seems that you have wasted the whole afternoon
Atul". I can see
no evidence of any proper effort and you have not even
question three. What do you have to say for yourself?"
I dropped my
eyes and blushed an even deeper red. "I... I.. d'don't
know miss. I
know them I j'just couldn't do them in time." My
voice trailed off
into silence. I bent my head and began to shuffle my
feet. She spoke
sharply to me.

"Stand straight and look at me when I am talking to
you. Do you mean
to tell me that you have no excuse for this work".

"I' I'm sorry miss." I could hardly speak. My legs
were trembling as
I watched her sit back in her chair. Her eyes never
left me as she
deliberately folded her hands across her lap.

She leaned back and slowly opened the center draw. She
took out the
long cane and placed it on the desktop. Inwardly she
was delighted by
the shocked _expression, which appeared on my face as
the cane came
into his view. "B..but m'mmiss." I stammered as tears
began to form
in my eyes. She quickly interrupted Me. "I'm sorry
young man, but is
for your own good. Go over to your desk and undress,
quickly now, I
don't want to waste the rest of the day." I was unable
to move; the
words shocked me.
I could hardly believe this beautiful young English
tutor Kavita
Sharma was going to cane me. I had heard that she
along with the lady
vice principal used to undress boys and punish them by
hitting on
their butts with their slippers, but happening with
me, I began to
tremble from head to toe I turned to her, my voice
pleading. "But..
miss." She found it difficult to keep the thrill of
excitement out of
her voice as she spoke sternly. "If you delay any more
Atul I will
double your punishment."

"Come along Atul everything off... quickly now.". She
closed the
draw and moved to side of her desk. She watched
intently as I
undressed. I had taken off my jacket and shirt and
laid them on the
seat of my chair. I was naked above the waist but
seemed reluctant to
unbutton my trousers.

"Take your shoes and socks off before your trousers...
quickly now,
I have warned you." Her voice was stern. Her words
seemed to have the
desired effect as I bent over and removed my shoes and

"Come along... drop your trousers." Tears were rolling
down my cheeks
as I undid the buttons of my trousers and pushed them
down to my
ankles. . "Right young man come and stand in front of
me." She picked
up the cane and held it across her thighs. She stood
with her legs
apart and waited for me to stand in front of her. I
was clutching the
waistband of his underpants as if they might fall.

"Drop your pants Atul and bend over to my desk." My
humiliation was
complete as I stood in front of this beautiful young
teacher. I
looked up to her face as if to plead with her once
more. She let go
of the cane with one hand and gently stroked my cheek.
"Be a brave
boy Beta, I have to do this for your own good". Her
voice was soft,
almost tender as she ran her fingers gently down the
side of my face
and over my shoulder.

"Come along now, take off those pants, I really don't
want to punish
you more than is necessary." She was thrilled as she
watched me
nervously push the pants down over my hips and then
down my thighs.

"Take your hands away and place them by your sides.
"Stand up
straight and look at me." She looked down at my
genitals as I
reluctantly uncovered himself. She raised the tip of
the cane and
placed it under my chin. "I want you to look at me
Atul." her voice
was now gentle and soothing. "I am going to give you
four strokes on
your bottom and I want you to take it like a man. No
otherwise I will increase it to twelve.

"Bend over the desk." I shivered as I felt her gentle
hands on my
naked flesh. She turned me around to face her desk,
placing the flat
of her palm against my
tummy she bent me over until my chest was pressed flat
against the
top of the
desk. Bending on one knee behind me she boldly stoked
her fingers up
the inside
of my thighs, making me spread my legs.

"Please miss.." I stammered.

"It's no good pleading Atul , my mind is made up. Now
get those legs
as she moved back around the desk to stand behind me

My chest was pressed flat against the inlaid leather
top with my head
turned to one side and my legs spread widely apart..
She moved
forward and placed a hand on each buttock gently
pulling them apart.
She ran her forefinger down the crease of the buttocks
and over the
sensitive sphincter. "Right my boy, get that bottom
up, come along up
on your toes," She watched me as I obediently
straightened my legs
and pushed my bottom upwards.

"Come along you can do better than that Gently she
squeezed my
testicles,. Keeping hold of my testicles she
delicately encircled my
penis with the finger and thumb of her other hand and
pushed the
foreskin upwards, uncovering the sensitive glans.

"Come along get it up further, there's a good boy." I
could do
nothing but mumble. She noted that my face, which was
turned to the
side, was covered in one deep blush.

She stood back and once more took up her position.
Taking the cane
she lowered it so that the tip rested on the centre of
my buttocks.
Delicately she stroked the cane up and down over the
cheeks of his

"Come along Atul keep it up" With these words she
abruptly raised
the cane
and brought it down hard across the very centre of my
bottom. The
effect was
electric . "Arrrggghhh.. arggghhh." I groaned as the
pain of the
stroke seared through my body.

'Thwack'. Once again she hit my butt with the cane.
She delighted
in the satisfying sound of the cane as it bit once
more into his soft
flesh. She
watched delightedly as I threw my head back and
screamed. "Arrgggggggghhh
hhhhhhhhh arrrgggg gggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh." "



That was number four. She smiled with satisfaction as
she laid down
the cane. She leaned over my quivering naked body and
gently stroked
her hand over my shoulders. "There my boy, it's all
over now. Try and
relax... there's a good boy.

Softly her fingers trailed over my back and down over
my upturned
bottom. She stood behind me pulled up the chair and
sat on it, she
slipped her right foot out of her Sandals and lifted
up her foot size
7, took it near my penis and spread her toe fingers,
she clasped my
Lund (penis) between her toe fingers and pushed the
foreskin back
over the glans. Pulling the foreskin down again
between her toe
fingers she began to move her foot up and down in a
milking motion.
She heard me gasp as she cleverly manipulated my penis
with her toes.
She slowly increased the tempo of her ministrations as
she felt my
penis begin to stiffen.

"There, there now, it's all over, just relax." I
gasped as she
tightened her toe grip on my penis and pushed the
foreskin back as
far as it would go. She punctuated the stroking of my
penis by gently
pressing and rubbing my testicles with her upper sole
in a similar
rhythm. My emotions were in turmoil breathing heavy
and laboured. I
felt totally trapped and humiliated as she cleverly
"foot pumped" my
Lund (penis).

She worked diligently, ignoring my moans and groans.
Abruptly she let
go of my penis and stood, now she slid her fingers up
between the
crease of my buttocks. With great care she inserted
her right index
finger into my hole, Without warning she pushed her
finger firmly up
into my bottom at the same time she gripped my penis
in her soft
hands pushing the foreskin of my penis back, fully
exposing the
glans. She ignored my gasps. "There's a good boy, just
relax it will
take the pain away." My whole body was trembling, my
body wracked
with emotion as she expertly brought me to new heights
of sexual
sensation. Feeling my penis throb uncontrollable She
quickly pressed
her finger deeper into my bottom, increasing the tempo
of her strokes
as she squeezed my penis as hard as she could.

She smiled with satisfaction as I moaned
uncontrollably. A jet of
erupted from the tip of my penis on to the carpet
below near her
foot. She moved her hand up and down the shaft of my
penis with
increased speed, her nails gently grazing the rim of
my glans as her
fingers moved down over the tip. I shook with emotion
as she
relentlessly milked me of every last drop of semen. I
felt drained as
her fingers slowed and her grip relaxed. She extracted
her finger
from my bottom and squeezed my Lund firmly watching
the last drops of milky white semen escape from the
tip of my penis.

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